Blankenship Workshop

About the Studio

Hello there.

Workshop is the brand identity practice of Joshua Blankenship, an independent design partner for small business, startups, and non-profits.

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Ways of Working


Brand identity projects are the main focus at Workshop. They typically take 1–2 months, with a team of 1–2 folks.


Brand sprints are sort of like full projects, but condensed into a week. They’re intense, and require a ton of trust and open collaboration. Sprints are a flat $10,000/week.


Logo design — the Workshop process is intended to get you more than a logo, but sometimes that’s all you need right now. I do logo design through LogoLand for $999.

Studio Services

  1. Brand Identity Design
  2. Brand Naming
  3. Brand Strategy
  4. Creative Direction
  5. Art Direction
  6. Copywriting
  7. Environmental Design

Studio Collaborators

  1. Animation & Motion Graphics
  2. Photo & Video Production
  3. Frontend Development
  4. Ecommerce Development
  5. App Development
  6. Design Systems
  7. Illustration Systems

New Business

You don’t need to have all this info for us to chat, but the emails that get the workshop buzzing usually look something like:

My name is Jarnathan, and I’m a Marketing Executive at Company. I found you through person, place, or thing, and love the work you did on your fav project.

I’d love to hire you to help us with a new brand identity so we can business goal. Our timeline looks like dates and we’d like to keep the price about $20k (with gusts up to $50k if we can make a solid business case for it).

Full disclosure: I’m talking with a few other agencies like these folks. Let’s set up a time to talk shop. How does next week look for you? Thank you!

Email to get started.

Pro-Bono Design Work

This workshop only makes things I believe should exist. But some of the companies and organizations making an impact can’t afford quality design work. I set aside a few projects each year to do for the good of the public.

Pro-bono projects follow the same studio process and are completed with the same level of craft and care as paid projects. They still have contracts, set timelines, and clear deliverables, and often produce some of my favorite work.

If you’re a non-profit organization or early stage company serving the public good and you’re in need of brand identity work to further your mission, let’s talk!

Shop Rules

Rule 1

Don’t complain about what you permit. Your energy is better spent loudly enjoying what’s working or quietly changing what isn’t.

Rule 2

Slow is smooth; smooth is fast. Consistency over time is the closest thing you’ll ever find to exponential improvement.

Rule 3

Action brings clarity. You can’t always think your way out of a problem, but you can nearly always make your way out.