Blankenship Workshop

Crafting bold identities for brands that care about the details.

Let’s make your mark.

You’re a startup, small business, in-house team, or non-profit who needs help aligning your brand (who you are) and identity (how people experience you). I’ve got a knack for translating complex ideas into simple, memorable forms. My process is straight-forward and highly-collaborative, with a mix of on-site or remote workshops and quick sprints so we can design and refine, learning as we go. For a little insight into how I approach design, pick through the Scrap Pile, a bin of work that didn’t make the cut.

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Florida Energy Services Business is Booming

Identity, Copywriting

Pine Works Good Ethics, Strong Opinions

Identity, Copywriting

Watertower Apartments Lux Living Under the Tower


Obodo Helping Renters Thrive

Naming, Identity

Crackin’ Crab Release the Crackin’

Identity, Packaging, Copywriting

Faith & Liberty Trail App for SuperFriendly

App Icon, Illustration

Interior Environments for TinyWins

Identity, Copywriting

Village Wrench Fix Bikes, Make Friends

Identity, Environment, Copywriting, Apparel

Boardable for SuperFriendly

Logo Refresh, Brand Architecture, Iconography

Three Dog Farm Hive-Minded Local Honey

Identity, Packaging, Copywriting

Gardener Bunn Holistic Horticulture

Identity, Copywriting


Identity, Copywriting

Zen Lawn Peaceful Energy, Outdoor Synergy

Naming, Identity

Village of West Greenville

Naming, Identity, Environment